Proud Sponsor – Voiles de Vauban – 2016


Labgroup is the proud sponsor of the “Voiles de Vauban” team 2016.

We were proud to sponsor the “Voiles de Vauban” team and their project, the Sailings School. The Sailings School is a racing between schools from Luxembourg, organised by the “Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Voile” in collaboration with the “Groupement Luxembourgeois de Croisière et de Régate” (GLCR).

3rd April – 9th April, 2016
The racing took place in Bretagne with 19 participants.

For further information about this event, visit the Voiles de Vauban website. Discover the results of the competition as well as videos and photos about the special experience on the “Voiles de Vauban” Facebook page!