Protecting your data against cyberattacks

 Labgroup guarantees its clients protection from any ransomware attack due to highest security standards.

The current events of ransomware attacks hit over 300 000 computers around the world infiltrating banks, hospitals and government institutions.
Labgroup is pleased to inform its clients that no incident of a cyberattack or ransomware attack has been registered/reported. No client of Labgroup, using cloud computing (only for managed services), content & records management or data protection services, has been affected by these recent incidents.

Labgroup constantly improves its security measures while investing in high malware prevention solutions. As a trusted service provider PSDC (Provider of Digitisation and Conservation Services), as well as being ISO 27001:2013 certified, Labgroup complies with highest regulations and international standards in order to offer its clients the most secure service. The result, a complete protection against malicious software! The information lifecycle management company is proud to confirm that to this day, Labgroup has not been infiltrated or affected by a cyberattack.

What is ransomware?

The ransomware is distributed by emails, infecting the computer of the recipient. The software encrypts all files and a ransom is asked to be paid. The ransomware further attempts to infect other machines on the same network. In the specific case of ransomware Wannacry, the infection spreads without any user interaction, using a Windows vulnerability on a commonly used network protocol. 
Ransomware can:

  • Prevent you from accessing your data.
  • Encrypt files so you can’t use them.
  • Stop certain apps from running (like your web browser).

Why is malware so effective?

Most of us have already experienced a typical spam mail in our email account, containing an attached file (with a non-common extension) or URL link, suspicious at first sight.
New cyberattacks are more sophisticated, working with .pdf extensions and even files containing just a part of the malicious software code to deviate antispam/virus software.
Rather than sending the code within one file, which is (often) automatically detected by a standard antivirus/spam system, the malicious software code is sent in parts, integrated into non-suspicious, for instance, .jpeg or .pdf files and non-detectable by standard antivirus software.

If opened, the part of the code is silently installed on your computer, waiting for the other pieces of the malware puzzle to be integrated. Once all pieces of the puzzle are installed, they merge into one single code, infecting the computer of the victim.

How does Labgroup ensure a complete protection to its clients?

In order to guarantee a complete protection against cyberattacks, Labgroup implemented different solutions and follows strict security processes on several levels.
Firstly, the incoming emails and files run through a quick but effective Antispam/Antivirus filter allowing the system to remove the standard spam emails/malicious files. 
Secondly, Labgroup is collaborating with the company ODI Security systems by using ODIX CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction) that prevents the insertion of malware, ransomware and malicious activities. Contrary to other security systems, ODIX CDR considers all incoming files and emails as malicious, processing all incoming files, removing the elements that do not match the files type’s standards or set policies, then rebuilds the files into clean versions. Even the malware puzzle system can’t trick the ODIX algorithms, guaranteeing all our clients the highest protection available on the market.
Labgroup constantly invests in its security systems, so it seemed only natural to work with this pioneer in the field of malware prevention by integrating ODI Share and ODI Mail into its protection system. ODI offers a next generation threat neutralisation and removal process based on advanced heuristics and mathematical algorithms, originally developed for the military and specially created to protect companies, like Labgroup, against malware. Besides this, Labgroup implemented the fourth generation of firewalls, follows the recommended standard security measures for cybersecurity and conforms to the market security rules. and Security made in Luxembourg highly recommend functional backups to restore your files easily.

Protect all your business information with Labgroup. We guarantee protection, data recovery and business continuity with our backuponline services.

Backup is done incrementally and automatically to ensure minimal network resources while also safeguarding user productivity. In the case of a cyberattack, your data can be restored safely using our IT Recovery service. 
For further information,  download the brochure here.

What should I do when managing devices by myself? Click here. 

We invite our VPS clients to follow the recommendations of Computer Incident Response Centre Luxembourg (CIRCL) or to contact our Service Desk by sending an email to

Labgroup – first Provider of Digitisation and Conservation Services to the Financial Sector

We are proud to inform you that Lab Luxembourg S.A. (Labgroup) officially received on the 27th April 2017 the ministerial authorisation to exercise the activities as a Provider of Digitisation and Conservation Services to the Financial Sector. (view PDF)


Labgroup is a Support PFS – a subcontractor of operational functions on behalf of other financial professionals – since 2004 under the amended law of the 5th April 1993 on the financial sector:

  • Article 29-1. Client communication agents
  • Article 29-3. Primary IT systems operators of the financial sector
  • Article 29-4. Secondary IT systems and communication networks operators of the financial sector

After obtaining the PSDC-DC status (Provider of Digitisation and Conservation Services), first February 2017, Labgroup is again the first company in Luxembourg acquiring the authorisation:

  • Article 29-5. Dematerialisation service providers
  • Article 29-6. Conservation service providers

Thanks to Labgroup, companies of the sector can now benefit from a presumption of conformity of their electronic copies of paper documents.

Labgroup – premier Prestataire de Services de Dématérialisation et de Conservation du Secteur Financier

Nous sommes fiers de vous informer que la société Lab Luxembourg S.A. (Labgroup) a officiellement reçu en date du 27 avril 2017 l’autorisation ministérielle d’exercer les activités de Prestataire de Services de Dématérialisation et de Conservation du Secteur Financier (voir PDF).


Labgroup est un PSF de support – c’est-à-dire un sous-traitant de fonctions opérationnelles pour compte de professionnels financiers proprement dits depuis 2004, au titre de la loi modifiée du 05 avril 1993 relative au secteur financier :

  • Article 29-1. Les agents de communication à la clientèle – ACC
  • Article 29-3. Les opérateurs de systèmes informatiques primaires du secteur financier – OSIP
  • Article 29-4. Les opérateurs de systèmes informatiques secondaires et de réseaux de communication du secteur financier – OSIS

Suite à l’obtention du statut de PSDC-DC (Prestataire de Services de Dématérialisation et de Conservation) le 1er février 2017, Labgroup est de nouveau la première société au Luxembourg à obtenir l’autorisation :

  • Article 29-5 . Les prestataires de services de dématérialisation du secteur financier
  • Article 29-6. Les prestataires de services de conservation du secteur financier.

Grâce à Labgroup, les entreprises du secteur peuvent désormais bénéficier de la présomption de conformité des copies électroniques de documents.

Proud Sponsor – Voiles de Vauban – 2017

Labgroup is the proud sponsor of the “Voiles de Vauban” team 2017.

We were proud to sponsor the “Voiles de Vauban” team and their project, the Sailings School. The Sailings School is a racing between schools from Luxembourg, organised by the “Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Voile” in collaboration with the “Groupement Luxembourgeois de Croisière et de Régate” (GLCR).

17th April – 21st April  2017

Discover the results of the competition as well as videos and photos about the special experience on the “Voiles de Vauban” Facebook page!