Art-in-the-Office 16th of June 2016 – Container SUMO allocated to an enlightened amateur of the arts!

On Thursday the 16th of June, the official preview of the Art-in-the-Office project took place in Contern. On this occasion, the Luxembourgish artist SUMO and the students of the Lycée des Arts et Métiers (LAM) exhibit their artwork which captured the eyes of all present on the evening.

Art-in-the-Office, a project initiated by Labgroup and with the support of ALD Automotive, integrates art into the day-to-day working environment of Labgroup’s customers by improving the esthetics of everyday objects like its secure destruction containers.

For this first edition, Labgroup called upon a recognized talent from Luxembourg; the artist SUMO. His challenge; to transform Labgroup’s secure destruction containers into artwork.

During the official preview of SUMO’s artworks on Thursday, 16th of June, the original container painted by the artist was auctioned. This unique piece of art, has been reproduced on 50 Labgroup secure containers which have been made available to Labgroup’s secure destruction customers. This is the first of three projects that will be realized for the Art-in-the-Office initiative. The auction was won by no other than Bob Kneip, CEO of Kneip Communication, who is a passionate art collector.


Bob Kneip, winner of the auction and SUMO, the artist

Bernard Moreau, CEO Labgroup


Furthermore, the guests discovered the projects of the LAM students, created as part of the Art-in-the-office competition, as well as the winner’s project which has been reproduced on a Labgroup container’s. Amongst the 16 projects presented, the student Charlie Diswiscour project was selected by the jury, composed of the artist SUMO, a teacher of the LAM, Bob Kneip (CEO, Kneip Communication) and Romain Poulles (CEO, ProGroup). Unfortunately, Charlie could not be present on the evening but was represented by her father, Luc Diswiscour, who proudly accepted the prize on behalf of his daughter, which was a gift voucher of 500€, offered by Orange Luxembourg. The evening continued in a very artistic atmosphere with a refreshments offered by Gmöhling, the manufacturer of the secure destruction containers.

The jury (from left to right) – Romain Poulles, CEO ProGroup, Marianne Grisse, Professor LAM, Sumo, Artist and Bob Kneip, CEO Kneip Communication)

Luc Diswiscour, father of Charlie Diswiscour, winner of the competition


The next Art-in-the-office edition for 2017, will again collaborate with the recognized talent of SUMO and will open the Art-in-the-office competition to a new class of students. The project Art-in-the-office will structure itself next year in form of a non-profit making organization.

“Finally, we can say that the project has been a great success. The students of the LAM have created unique and original projects. Every single student has distinguished himself by their own style and has interpreted the subject which was “creation of an original artwork on a container” in a different and unique way. The profession of the expression of shapes and colours allows everyone to express themselves differently. We would like to thank the students as well as the teachers from the Lycée des Arts et Métiers, Marianne Grisse and Patrice Putz who have created as various projects. Even if one unique project has been chosen, we can without any hesitation confirm that all projects deserve a big congratulation. We would like to thank SUMO, with whom we will have the pleasure to collaborate with for the 2017 edition. He has created an artwork that is so original and unique, that we were delighted to see Bob Kneip winning the auction of this master piece. Even if we were sad to see this work of art leave the Labgroup building”, Bernard Moreau, CEO Labgroup.

“This project allowed me to create an artwork very different from anything I have created previously in my career as an artist. I am glad to have taken this challenge and that I had the opportunity to coach the young artists from the LAM who remembered me of my earlier times as a student in this High-School. I’m delighted that Bob Kneip has won the auction because he admirers and supports the sector of art as much I do. I think it is important to continue to support and encourage this project and I’m looking forward to starting work on the next edition”, SUMO, artist from Luxembourg.


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Communiqué de presse – Art-in-the-office 2016 – Labgroup

Press release – Art-in-the-office 2016 – Labgroup