Labgroup and NG Partners/Xerox mobilise their combined expertise to assist customers in the archiving of their documents to achieve equivalent probative value (PSDC).

Stéphane Nonnweiler, Managing Director of NG Partners – Xerox dealer in Luxembourg – and Bernard Moreau, CEO of Labgroup, unveiled this Thursday 24th September 2015 the benefits of their combined competences in electronic archiving.

Together, the two associates propose a concrete and global offer which goes from the dematerialisation to the destruction of documents, through to electronic document management and the integrated conservation of the electronic archives.

NG Partners/Xerox, specialised in printing and document management and Labgroup, natural candidate for PSDC having been a third party archiver for 38 years, have already defined a strategyconcerning the adoption of the law of the 25th of July 2015 relative to electronic archiving.

This new law acknowledges the probative value of electronic copies of paper documents that therefore allows their destruction, and creates the PSDC status (Dematerialisation and Archiving Service Provider). The electronic archives, created and maintained by a certified company, benefit from the same legal value as the original document.

Companies can benefit by these advances in the law, enabling their users to:

  • scan the documents easily on a multifunctional device (preferably XEROX!),
  • OCR-process and index automatically the documents to ease future research,
  • transfer confidentially the electronic copies to Labgroup for secure archiving, probative archiving or for archiving of evidentiary value,
  • manage electronically all documents,
  • find easily archived documents thanks to a research engine such as Google
  • defend effectively your interests in case of litigation by producing the substantiating documents.

Furthermore, users will be able to continue to digitize paper documents without any need of change, the benefits of this solution offered by NG Partners/Xerox and Labgroup are numerous:

  • secure dematerialization of the information flow
  • increased compliance and guaranteed traceability
  • time savings in the research of information
  • greater productivity compared to classic methods

About Labgroup

Labgroup is a Luxembourg-based company that offers information management and archiving services to businesses in the financial and insurance sectors and to administrations and businesses from other sectors. Labgroup’s range of services includes digitising paper documents, storing and destroying physical archives, capturing and conserving electronic archives, protecting and restoring data, preserving IT media and giving consulting services and training. Labgroup also has offices in Ireland and Gibraltar. As a Financial Sector Professional (PSF), Labgroup is monitored by the Luxembourg Financial Services Supervisory Authority (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, CSSF). Labgroup is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001:2005 certified and will soon acquire PSDC status.


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Labgroup Press Release _ EN.pdf

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Articles about the Press Conference

Paperjam : “Tout le monde est concerné par l’archivage”

Soluxions-Magazine : “PSDC sans rien changer! NG Partners et Labgroup font le boulot”

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Interview fm in Luxembourg : Les entreprises sont-elles bien informées sur la dématérialisation?

Découvrez l’interview sur la dématérialisation des données de Jean Racine, Business Development Director chez Labgroup, parue dans le magazin fm in Luxembourg du mois de septembre 2015.

La dématérialisation consiste à remplacer les supports physiques de l’information (papier le plus souvent) par des fichiers de données informatiques traitées sur ordinateurs. Quand la substitution est complète, on parle de “bureau sans papier”, mais la première étape vers cet idéal  consiste à numériser (scanner) les documents papier afin de stocker leur image.

 Pièce jointe

Article fm in Luxembourg

Invitation URB Wine Tasting Event Thursday, October 2, 2014

Labgroup is pleased to invite you as a VIP to the URB Wine Tasting Event in Luxembourg, a unique event organized by the Belgian Business Club Luxembourg with great wine and food degustation provided by Delhaize. Please join us for this fun and casual event with great wine tasting, prizes, music and fun networking.

Date: Thursday 2 October 2014
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Organizers: Belgians in Luxembourg. Union Royale Belge Luxembourg (URB/BKV)
Address: Gallery Axento, 44 Ave. J-F Kennedy, Luxembourg
Registration: Register here before September 26, 2014.

Download invitation

Organizers and sponsors


This event is by invitation only. The regular cost to attend this event is EUR 10/person. As a VIP, Labgroup will invite you with a special free entry pass. All funds towards charity. To register, please register using the online form below by September 26th. We will send you a confirmation email with all the details prior to the event.

New e-archiving legal framework

Update 04/08/2015

This Act “Loi du 25 juillet 2015 relative à l’archivage électronique et portant modification:1. de l’article 1334 du Code civil;
2. de l’article 16 du Code de commerce;
3. de la loi modifiée du 5 avril 1993 relative au secteur financier”was published in the Official Journal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg MEMORIAL year dated August 04, 2015 under A – No. 150. The full text can be accessed here.For over years, Luxembourg is pursuing its aim to become the « European fortress for electronic data ». The draft law no 6543 on electronic archiving was adopted on Thursday 2nd July 2015. The law of the 25th July 2015 introduces a new e-archiving legal framework in Luxembourg and creates the PSDC status.The main feature of the law is to acknowledge legal value of electronic copies. Digitalized documents and copies made by a PSDC (Digitalization and Archiving Service Provider) will benefit from a legal presumption: the digitalized copy will be presumed to be in conformity with and be equivalent to the original document. An electronic copy cannot anymore be refused as an evidence just because of its electronic nature.

In order to become PSDC, companies must comply with technical regulation requirements and measures. PSDC status guarantee that digitalization and archiving procedures are secure and reliable. The technical requirements are based on ISO 27001 and 27002. Already certified ISO 27001 since 2014, Labgroup is an ideal candidate to obtain the PSDC status. The PSDC status is delivered by the Luxembourg Office of Accreditation and Surveillance (OLAS) and a notification has to be made to the Luxembourg Institute of Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services (ILNAS). A full list of the PSDC companies will be soon available at this page.

Choosing a PSDC is the guarantee that:

-You will benefit from conformity and authenticity presumption,
-You will deal with trusted a third-party which respect the professional secrecy,
-You will manage information easily and be compliant with legal constraints.

To help you to grasp these challenges, Labgroup and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) are partnering to propose trainings on Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), digitisation and electronic archiving. More information are available here. You can already register for the session of date.

Cargolux entrusts Labgroup with Document Management Services

In order to benefit from a secure archiving solution for the thousands of documents related to the maintenance of its aircraft, Cargolux has decided to outsource the process to Labgroup.

Key Points

Maintenance files for over 22 planes

Storage of over 1,000 archive boxes

Digitisation of over 50,000 documents

Providing 150 engineers with secure access to electronic files

Process approved by the Civil Aviation Authority


From Batumi to Baku – 1.000 km by bicycle for charity

The two bikers, Michel Donckel and Bernard Moreau (CEO Labgroup), started their voyage on June 22nd from the Black sea to the Caspian sea. Their goal is to complete the 1000 km’s in 2 weeks time, by July 5th, and raise EUR 25 per kilometre.

The trip is self-funded by the cyclists with all donations going directly to help fund the project “Stop Aids Now / Acces – Aide aux enfants vulnérables de Gikondo” (Kigali-Rwanda) ( ) who’s mission is to improve the lives of street children in the Kicukiro District of Rwanda.

Follow their progress and give them a ”thumbs-up” on

Review the project in Rwanda:

Bank account name: Stop Aids Now/ Acces
IBAN: LU43 0025 1057 8676 9400
Communication: Batumi to Baku (B2B)

Contact at

Debra Donckel-Sances

The team at Labgroup wish them good luck and safe return!


Download Presentations Information Management Day 2013

The download includes all presentations which were given during the IMD2013 event in Luxembourg, on November 28th, 2013

Instructions: please complete the form, the download starts immediately (18MB so please be patient), extract to your disc and open the file START.

L’avenir du statut de PSF vu par l’association

Dans la foulée des discussions sur l’introduction au Luxembourg, à partir de 2015, de l’échange automatique d’informations entre administrations fiscales dans l’UE sur les revenus d’intérêt, les professionnels s’interrogent sur l’impact de cette décision sur la place financière.

Pour le cluster des PSF de support, il importe de constater que :

L’abandon du secret bancaire n’est pas absolu et ne touche actuellement, alors qu’une discussion est en cours à Bruxelles sur l’extension du champ d’application de la directive, que certains revenus. Aussi, cette mesure annoncée se limite à un échange d’informations entre administrations fiscales. L’obligation pour les professionnels du secteur financier de garantir la sécurité et confidentialité des informations vis-à-vis de toute autre tiers continue donc à exister.

Les obligations de gestion de risques opérationnels qui sont au coeur du statut ne sont pas du tout touchées par la directive. En effet, la CSSF vient de publier en 2012 une nouvelle circulaire 12/544 dite « risk based approach ». Cette circulaire est parfaitement alignée à l’objectif politique international de renforcer la gouvernance et réduire les risques liés aux activités financières.

Ce changement de paradigme qui s’imposait face à des tendances internationales irréversibles (FATCA, OCDE, etc.) est également source d’opportunités pour le secteur ICT au Luxembourg. Il est attendu qu’un nombre significatif d’acteurs existants de la place financière devront s’adapter à ce changement de situation et, pour des raisons évidentes de coût , pourront être amenés à sous-traiter leur informatique éventuellement pour passer d’un modèle Capex à un modèle Opex ou pour faire face à une complexité croissante des infrastructures. L’image de la place se trouve renforcée et de nouveaux investisseurs internationaux, désireux de profiter du cadre légal attractif et de l’expertise en matière de gestion de données sensibles, vont certainement se tourner davantage vers le Luxembourg.

Le statut du PSF continuera donc, à notre avis, de garder toute son importance. « Alors que tout le monde parle du Big Data et des opportunités économiques y associées, je suis convaincu que le Luxembourg possède tous les atouts pour se positionner au niveau international en tant que « Information Trust Center », tant pour le secteur financier que pour d’autres secteurs économiques », conclut Thierry Seignert, Président de l’association des PSF de support.

En effet, le « know how » dont le secteur ICT dispose à présent dans ce domaine et qui est intrinsèquement lié au statut de PSF de support reste unique au monde. Il importe à présent de suivre de près les évolutions réglementaires et de promouvoir ce cluster de compétence à l’étranger. L’association des PSF de support, en tant que membre du Haut Comité de la Place Financière, compte y jouer un rôle moteur.

Article publié le 13 juin 2013 par l’Association des PSF de Support.

Proud Sponsor of the LJO 2013

Labgroup is the proud sponsor of the Luxembourg Junior Open 2013.

We are proud to sponsor this prestigious international tournament. Already 76 junior squash players, from 11 different countries, are registered for the event.

Friday, 19th April – Sunday, 21st April, 2013
The tournament will start on Friday at 14.00 hrs.
The last Final will start at 14.00 hrs on Sunday.

Top Squash
25, rue de la Gare
L-5218 Sandweiler
Tel : +352 357181

For more information on the event, visit the LJO website.