PSDC procedures by ILNAS

New document released by ILNAS about the PSDC procedures

ILNAS, via the “Digital trust department”, is notably charged with the supervision of PSDCs that are established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and offer services related to digitisation or conservation of documents. This document describes the scheme, requirements and process applied by the ILNAS – Digital Trust department for the supervision of PSDCs. The supervision scheme is based upon the law on electronic archiving of dd/mm/2013.

The purpose of this procedure consists to describe the process of supervising PSDCs. The procedure addresses in priority the clients and the staff of ILNAS – Digital trust department. You can also find all the documents and the technical rules on the ILNAS website. To learn more about the PSDC status, read our presentation about “Should you Become PSDC or Not ?” and our presentation “Introduction to the new Electronic Archiving Bill” (in French).

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