Dématérialiser et au-delà

Découvrez l’article paru dans l’édition de Mai de Soluxions Magazine sur la digitalisation.

Dans une optique d’amélioration continue des services offerts aux étudiants, l’Université de Luxembourg a choisi de numériser les dossiers de l’ensemble de ses étudiants. Partenaires technologiques du projet, Numen Europe et Labgroup.

Voici quelques temps, j’avais à récupérer un important document de mon cursus universitaire dans un établissement de l’est de la France : j’ai patienté onze jours ouvrables, se souvient Eric Tschirhart,, vice-recteur académique à l’Université de Luxembourg. Les étudiants de l’UNI.lu n’attendront pas, croyez-moi !»

Engagée dans un processus de digitalisation au long cours, l’Université de Luxembourg numérise ses dossiers étudiants. Et sera, selon ses partenaires technologies, Numen Europe et Labgroup, une des premières organisations labellisées PSDC  Prestataire de Services de Dématérialisation ou de Conservation), telle que définie par la loi du 25 juillet 2015 relative à l’archivage électronique.

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Soluxions n˚138 Mai 2016

Cargolux entrusts Labgroup with Document Management Services

In order to benefit from a secure archiving solution for the thousands of documents related to the maintenance of its aircraft, Cargolux has decided to outsource the process to Labgroup.

Key Points

Maintenance files for over 22 planes

Storage of over 1,000 archive boxes

Digitisation of over 50,000 documents

Providing 150 engineers with secure access to electronic files

Process approved by the Civil Aviation Authority


Electronic Archiving 2.0: Event Pictures

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Great success for our Electronic Archiving Event

The Labgroup’s event on Electronic Archiving 2.0 was a great success.

More than 120 attendees were present the last April 16th at Café Namur for our Breakfast Event, from all industry sectors. This confirms the high interest from Luxembourgish companies for the benefits brought by the electronic archiving law and the PSDC status.

A special “thank you” to our speakers, Jean Racine and Catherine Di Lorenzo, for sharing their expertise and for lifting the veil on the law project on legal archiving.

And thanks to all our clients for their presence and for making this event a success. We hope they found the answers to their questions.

If you have any questions or requests, please send us an email at marketing@labgroup.com, we will be please to answer as soon as possible.

See the pictures of the event

BNP Paribas Real Estate: Labroup is the ideal partner for document management

BNP Paribas Real Estate Luxembourg chooses Labgroup for all its document management, from storage to destruction.

First office property manager in Luxembourg (425,000 square meters), BNP Paribas Real Estate Luxembourg is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Estate, the first European real estate manager (30 million square meters). The company offers a broad portfolio of real estate services ranging from consulting to management through the promotion and coordination of construction projects, interior design and renovation.

Document archiving is crucial in the real estate business, especially because the law requires their preservation for at least 10 years. BNP Paribas Real Estate Luxembourg has entrusted this task to Labgroup, who is also in charge of the collection and destruction of legal documents.

The Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF) status of Labgroup reinforces the relationship of trust that has developed over time. A status even more important than the new division Real Estate Management at BNP Paribas Estate, which manages assets for clients around the world from Luxembourg, has grown considerably.

For Labgroup, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be the trusted partner of the worldwide leader in real estate management.

LuxairGroup: creating added value for archiving

Labgroup has managed an important archiving project for LuxairGroup, with great emphasis on speed, methodology and by creating a long term partnership.

LuxairGroup is composed of three main Business Lines: the Airline, the Tour Operator and the Cargo Handling. Luxair Airlines is the national airline of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Its European network has greatly contributed to creating Luxembourg’s advantageous position in the world of finance.

Luxembourg Airport is also positioned as the fifth largest European freight handling airport. Cargo Handling activities have been greatly enhanced in 2008, when the Cargo Center was expanded, enabling a further 200,000 tons of freight per year to pass through Luxembourg.

LuxairGroup had always stored their business documents on their own premises. In 2006, due to internal expansion, the building used for storing documents was scheduled for demolition creating an immediate problem of where to store their records. By outsourcing their requirements, LuxairGroup were looking for a company who could not only store their archives but who also had a proven document management methodology and who could provide value added advice when required. It was also important that the selected company could complete the project within the required time lines.

Labgroup’s experience and capability in handling document management projects was instrumental in its selection by LuxairGroup. Upon being awarded the contract, Labgroup assembled a dedicated team to ensure that LuxairGroup’s requirements met the agreed deadline.

Labgroup also provided LuxairGroup with the online document management application ArcStore 6. This enabled LuxairGroup to arrange all their deliveries and pickups from their desktop.

Labgroup’s dedicated team ensured that LuxairGroup archiving requirements were handled rapidly and efficiently. The proposed building work could continue as planned without any costly hold ups. LuxairGroup now view Labgoup as a partner who can advise and assist them with all their immediate and future document management requirements.

Ferrero International: a sweet archiving optimization

Since 2009, Ferrero International has chosen Labgroup to manage its in-house archives. Using the powerful ArcStore software, Ferrero is able to manage quickly and easily all the archives for the six companies established by the group in Luxembourg.

Known for its famous brands like Ferrero Rocher, Kinder or Mon Chéri, Ferrero International employs more than 22 000 people worldwide and 500 in Luxembourg. The group has established six companies in Luxembourg.

With an increasing number of collaborators and a business that develops fast, Ferrero has chosen Labgroup for its archive management needs. Since 2009, Labgroup supports the group’s six companies with the “In-house archiving” solution and ArcStore software.

With Labgroup’s support, we have put in place a very functional archiving system in a record time. Thanks to ArcStore’s InHouse module, we can track all files that are leaving our archives. At any one moment we know where they are, who is consulting them and when the files have been returned to secure storage.
Even more, once the archives internal life cycle has expired, we can choose to destroy the documents or outsource them to Labgroup’ s secure storage facilities.

With Labgroup, our archive world has changed !


Eric Moretti, Ferrero International