Raiffeisen has entrusted Lab Luxembourg S.A. (Labgroup) and Numen Europe with the implementation of a digitisation and electronic archiving solution for its daily business requirements.

Raiffeisen Bank, the first cooperative bank where interests and decisions centres are based in Luxembourg, places the customer at the centre of its concerns. Raiffeisen strengthens its position within the market place by anticipating trends and modernising its range of products and services to meet the requirements of their customers.

According to Raiffeisen, digitisation offers numerous benefits. The bank decided to call upon Lab Luxembourg S.A. (Labgroup) and Numen Europe to provide modern and flexible services to its clients. Thanks to the convergence of its physical and digital channels, Raiffeisen has developed its digitisation to increase its operational efficiency.

Following a tender (issued in 2015), Raiffeisen Bank entrusted the deployment of a digitisation service and an electronic archiving solution to Labgroup, a document management specialist with more than 40 years’ experience, and to Numen Europe, an expert in confidential data extraction and document processing. Labgroup and Numen were both certified PSDC (Provider of Digitisation and Conservation Services) before being certified by ILNAS (Luxembourg Institute for Standardisation, Accreditation, Security and Quality of Products and Services).

The project aimed at optimising the management, the protection and the preservation of documents in the perspective of a “Paperless Office”, and this includes three steps:

  1. The digitisation of client files that represents, the collection of 8 million pages;
  2. The daily digitisation of paper documents concerning daily banking activities;
  3. The archiving of documents, existing electronic or digitised (contracts or operations in electronic form).

The electronic copies created by a PSDC according to the regulation have the same probative value as the original documents (which henceforth can be destroyed). Therefore, all holders of information such as Raiffeisen Bank can entrust Labgroup with their digitisation and conservation operations, in complete safety, with the guarantee of the Luxembourg State.

The combination of the skills of both companies has been a successful collaboration within and beyond Luxembourg. Thanks to this partnership, Numen Europe and Labgroup can take charge of physical and electronic documents life cycle from their collection to their certified destruction. Both also guarantee business continuity thanks to the redundancy of their tools and certifications.

The CSSF (Luxembourg Financial Services Supervisory Authority) and the ILNAS (Luxembourg Institute for Standardisation, Accreditation, Security and Quality for Products and Services) monitor Labgroup and Numen Europe as being a PSF (Professional of the Financial Sector) and PSDC (Provider of Digitisation and Conservation Services).

Labgroup and Numen are both certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013, thus ensuring the highest level of confidentiality and information security to their customers.

About Labgroup

Labgroup is a Luxembourg-based company that provides information management & archiving services to a large range of organisations and institutions.

Since 1977, Labgroup has endeavoured to assist its clients in their digitisation efforts by offering adapted services and solutions for electronic data management.

 Labgroup offers the complete range of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solutions and services including digitising of paper documents, storing and destroying physical archives, capturing and conserving electronic archives, protecting and restoring data, preserving IT media and giving consulting services and training. Our professional services team provides advice regarding archiving policy, records management and compliance. Labgroup is an international company with business activities on five continents. Labgroup’s mission is to enable organisations to maintain compliance with legal obligations whilst enhancing the efficiency of their information management. For more information: www.labgroup.com

About Numen

As a service provider of IT solutions, hosting and dematerialisation, Numen is committed to working with their customers in their digital transformation projects, optimising customer relations and back offices, managing their documents and enhancing their cultural and sensitive contents.

With 980 experienced employees, Numen is a reliable technological partner for more than 500 clients, varying form banking, insurance, real estate, medical, publishing, distribution, culture, industry, human resources, as well as European institutions and public organisations. 

With 50 years of expertise and 16 locations in France and Europe, the company has an annual turnover in excess of 65 million euros. For further information: http://www.numen.fr/en/



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